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5 tips for onboarding your virtual assistant

Onboarding is the process of introducing new employees to the company. This is when you teach and train them on what to do and how to be “in” the company or organization. This article will discuss a few tips for onboarding your virtual assistant.


In a physical company office, new employees are personally welcomed and introduced to their co-workers to make them feel welcomed and for their co-workers be aware of their existence in the company. For a virtual staff, it is also important that they are introduced to the other virtual staff whom they are going to work with. This way, they will feel welcomed and they would also know whom to coordinate with their jobs or tasks. You could also specify whom they are going to approach if there are concerns with their tasks. Make sure that their mode of communication and softwares needed for the job are properly set-up.


All employees undergo orientation about the company as well as their specific roles and responsibilities in the company. A virtual staff will also have to undergo orientation. Orient them on the purpose of their job and what they are expected to do. Virtual staff should also be aware of the company or the organization they are working for. These would make them feel welcome and feel a sense of purpose which are important for them to stay committed and feel good about their jobs. Awareness about the company or organization will also be helpful in doing their assigned tasks. For example, if they are working as a copywriter, they may inculcate the organization’s values in their work.


Part of training is to teach new employees on how they are going to do their tasks. Provide detailed instructions on how you want them to do their tasks. You can provide examples if appropriate. Since you are going to use some software to track or monitor their work or their working hours, teach them how to install and use the software. In some cases, some employers send videos on how to use such softwares so that the virtual staff could clearly understand how to use them and what to do. You can also do a one-on-one training, in sense though virtual, you are personally training the virtual staff. What you can do is to desktop share through Skype or if your software permits that you can monitor their desktop, you can instruct them what to do in detail.

Career Development

According to psychologists, career development is a lifelong process. This would mean that for individuals to be satisfied with what they do, they should feel a sense of achievement and fulfillment. It is therefore essential to set targets and milestones for them to reach. It is important that virtual staff do not become stagnant on what they do that they would eventually grow tired of it. You could also ask how they are doing from time to time so that they will feel important and that their employer is concerned about them.


Good communication with the virtual staff is important. This would show that you are interested with their accomplishments and to them as a person. You will make them feel that you are approachable which is one characteristic of a preferred employer. By merely appreciating and complimenting their finished tasks would mean a lot to them. You could also ask feedback about their work and how they are doing. You will be able to know if they are having concerns and difficulties and help them if you can. This way, you could also evaluate their onboarding process. You will get a chance to know if they have already adjusted or already “in” the company.

Effective onboarding of virtual staff will make them appreciate their jobs and will motivate them to perform better.

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