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Virtual assistant for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one way to boost your business. SEO aims to put your website on top of a search engine’s results page. When your website is on top, more readers will be directed to your site which will be beneficial to your business.

Effective SEO tactics are complicated and not everyone can do this which is why business owners hire virtual assistants (VAs) for SEO. There are several SEO tasks that VA’s can do for you.

seo virtual assistantKeyword Research

Keywords are important in SEO. Researching and ensuring top quality keywords would take time and technical expertise in Google Keyword Planner. SEO VA’s can build out keyword lists for you researching the key topics in your niche. This would save you time and they will also be able to do the job properly since they are experts on this field.


Your website content is important so that more readers will visit or recommend and share your site. More shares and links to your sites means Google will take this into account which will bring your website into a higher rank.

Hiring a SEO content writer would be helpful in creating valuable content for your website. The content writer will produce a well-written and informative article using relevant keywords. Writing content is not easy and is time-consuming. You can use your time by improving your product instead of writing about it which can be done by someone else.

Link Building

Link building is a way to send valuable traffic to your website which will place you at a higher rank of search engine results. There are few ways to link building such as guest blogging, blog/forum commenting and private blog networks (PBN).

These link building strategies are best done by SEO VA’s since they have know how to make the connections to other websites, bloggers and writers. Hiring a VA to do a blog for you would also ensure the quality of the blog, especially if you are not really a blogger or writer, since they are experts in building out blogs for linking purposes.

Looking for appropriate forums and participating in them to promote your website will also take a lot of your time, it would be better to let other people do this task for you. They could also find and register domains where they create content or articles which will lead the readers to your website. Outsourcing will save you a lot of time studying these strategies and negotiating with bloggers or website owners.

Hiring a SEO VA will not only save you a lot of time, they will also help you save your finances. Remember, time is gold. As you save time from studying the latest changes to Googles algorithm you could be focusing on improving your products, business systems, customer service or doing something more important for your company.

Another good thing about VA’s is you can pay them by the hour or by project which is ideal for SEO campaigns. Get a virtual assistant to boost your rankings and drive more traffic to your website.

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